This site focuses on awareness raising, education, and debate.  The key components of the relationship between conflict and health will be reviewed, current research and findings debated, and key initiatives and projects highlighted.

The site will explore:

•The impact of conflict and instability on population health;
•The impact of health interventions on conflict dynamics (health as a peace building tool, post conflict health interventions as key for institution building); and,
•The use of health data as a ‘window into conflict’ for researchers and policy makers, providing them with information about conflict dynamics – who is being affected by conflict, and the efficacy of international engagement.

Currently, the components of the website that are operational are the ‘library’ section, where I have posted key documents on the conflict and health relationship; and the ‘forum’ where I am posting documents to prompt discussion.

Welcome to the group!

May 03, 2016

Under Construction

Please be patient! This website is under construction . . .

In time, I hope that it will be a forum where people who are interested in the conflict and health relationship can share ideas, access relevant resources, and build online relationships to improve the quality of research.

If you have ideas about the kind of information that you would like on this site, please let me know. I have also made a number of people facilitators – which means that they can edit and change the site to improve it. More Resources can be viewed here