Virtual Seminars

In an effort to strengthen existing networks and foster new relationships between member schools, six PolicyNet universities and CIGI have come together to create the Virtual Seminar Series.

The goal is to bring a global perspective to policy studies by connecting students from around the world with distinguished faculty members residing at PolicyNet schools around the world, and to encourage international dialogue and debate between these students and faculty.

Students prepare for the seminars by reading several relevant articles from a list provided by the speaker and, following a short talk, participate in a discussion between themselves and the presenter.

Vodcasts of the initial sections of all the seminars

Location   Time
Canberra, AUS 10/30/ 10:30AM
Beijing, China 10/30/ 7:30AM
Singapore 10/30/ 7:30AM
Berlin, Germany 10/30/ 12:30AM
Geneva, Switzerland 10/30/ 12:30AM
Ottawa, Canada 10/29/ 7:30PM
Waterloo Canada 10/29/ 7:30PM
Princeton, USA 10/29/ 7:30PM